New updates and improvements to Aptranet

From NodeJS to Golang: How Aptranet Improved Backend Security and Scalability


For any business trying to prosper in the rapidly evolving world of technology, staying up-to-date with the newest trends and tools is essential. Recently, we at Aptranet decided to start from scratch and rebuild our backend. To increase security and scalability, the major objective was to transition from NodeJS and a NoSQL database to Golang and a relational database.


Our old set-up had been helpful to us at the start of the company, but as time passed, we recognized we needed a more durable solution. We decided to transition to Golang and a relational database after much study and preparation.


Golang is a language that combines security and performance in a special way, making it a fantastic option for complex corporate applications. Data integrity is one of our top concerns, and its robust typing and static type checking helps to ensure that. We have a lot more control over our code using Golang, which leads to faster better-performing code.


The change to a relational database had a substantial effect on our backend as well. We were able to guarantee data consistency and integrity with a structured data model in a way that was not achievable with a NoSQL database. The execution of sophisticated procedures on our data was further facilitated by the use of SQL queries.


However, advancements continued after that. Our backend has also received several new security improvements. For example, we implemented API key permissions, which control access to particular services based on the key used. This assisted us in guarding the privacy of our client's data and preventing unauthorized access.


Along with security, we concentrated on enhancing error handling. We were able to find and fix possible vulnerabilities by handling errors correctly before they became significant issues. This increased the security of our backend even further and made sure that our clients could entrust us with their private information.


Overall, it was a strategic choice for us to start fresh with our backend. We were able to increase security and scalability while maintaining the integrity of the data by migrating to Golang and a relational database. To further strengthen the security of our platform, we have included additional security features and enhanced error handling. At Aptranet, we're dedicated to providing the best level of security and performance to all of our clients.